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Breakfast Menu

-Southern Style Breakfast- All Prices listed are subject to change

Served Monday – Saturday 7:00 am until 9:00 pm

Sunday 7:00 am until 3:00 pm

-Southern Style Eggs-

Served with One of the following: grits, hash-browns, sliced tomatoes or fruit And choice of toast or biscuit.

One Egg   Two Eggs   Three Eggs

Egg beaters or Egg whites Add


Add Bacon,Sausage, Turkey Sausage or Bologna   

Add Ham, Country Ham, Pork Tenderloin or Corn Beef Hash     


-Hotcakes, Waffles and French Toast-

Add Blueberries, Bananas, Pecans, Strawberries or Chocolate Chips to pancakes $.60 per cake

One Hotcake       Half Stack- two hotcakes

Full Stack-three hotcakes

Belgian Waffle - Our crisp, light batter is cooked until golden brown  
Strawberry Waffle - Topped with lightly sweetened strawberries and whip cream  
Apple Waffle - Topped with hot cinnamon apple and whip cream  
Pecan Waffle - North Carolina pecans folded into our Belgian waffle batter  
French Toast - Two thick slices dipped in a special cinnamon batter then grilled and topped with powdered sugar  


-Diner Favorites-

Joe’s Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast - Two eggs and two fresh baked biscuits with sausage gravy  
The Big Breakfast - Eggs, any style, with bacon or sausage, one biscuit with gravy and one hotcake  
The Poor Mans Club - Two thick slices of fried bologna, cheese, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, bacon, mayo and mustard on a Kaiser roll served with hash browns  
Big John’s Breakfast - Two eggs, any style, with country ham, biscuit and a blueberry hotcake  
Debbie's Waffle Breakfast - Belgian Waffle, one egg, and bacon or sausage  
The Millie (Debbie's Granddaughter) - French toast (one piece), 2 eggs and choice of bacon or sausage  
Steak & Eggs - Grilled 6 oz. choice rib-eye with 2 eggs, any style, grits or hash-browns and toast or biscuit  
Quiche of the Day - Served with fresh fruit and muffin  
Gretchen’s Lite & Healthy - Egg whites or egg beaters, side of sliced tomatoes, fresh fruit and choice of bread  



Served with One of the following: grits, hash-browns, sliced tomato, or fruit And your choice of toast or biscuit

Greek Omelette-Feta, spinach, olives and tomatoes
Western Omelette-Ham, bell peppers, onions and cheddar cheese
Vegetarian Omelette-Tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, onions and green peppers
Cheesy Cheese Omelette-Monterey jack cheeses
Fried Bologna Omelette-Chunks of bologna with cheddar cheese
Meaty Omelette-Bacon, sausage, ham and cheddar cheese
Spanish Omelette-Onions, green chiles, cheddar jack cheese served with sour cream and salsa
Make your own omelette-Choose 2 items; $ .60 extra for each additional item

Swiss Cheese - Bell Peppers - Spinach - Tomato - Bacon - Feta Cheese - Jalapeños - Sausage - Onions - Cheddar - Ham - Mushroom - Green Chiles - Olives


-Side Items-

Egg $1.75 Grits - Cup $1.50 Toast (2) $1.95
Bacon $2.25 Grits - Bowl $2.00 Biscuit (1) $1.50
Sausage $2.25 Hash Browns $2.00 Cinnamon Toast (2) $2.25
Turkey Sausage $2.25 Hot Oatmeal $2.00 English Muffin $1.95
Fried Bologna $2.25 Hotcake $2.00 Fried Apples $2.25
Canadian Bacon $3.25 Sausage Gravy $1.75 Fruit Cup $2.25
Country Ham $3.25 Assorted Cereals $2.25 Half Grapefruit $1.95
Honey Ham $3.25 Bagel and Cream Cheese $2.50 Biscuit and Gravy $3.95
Pork Tenderloin $3.25 Corn Beef Hash $3.25 Apple Sauce $2.25
Salsa or Sour Cream $.60 Shredded Cheese $.60    

-Breakfast Sandwiches-   -Breakfast Biscuits-  
Grilled Cheese $3.95  Egg $2.25
Bacon $3.95  Sausage $2.25
Pork Tenderloin $3.95  Bacon $2.25
Country Ham $3.95  Fried Bologna $2.25
Fried Bologna $3.95  Ham $2.50
Ham $3.95  Country Ham $2.50
Egg $3.95  Pork Tenderloin $2.50
Sausage (Ned’s Favorite) $3.95  Bacon, lettuce and tomato $3.95

Add an egg to any sandwich for additional charge

Welcome to Hope Valley and Catering
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