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Valley Hall B anquet Hall is Now available for your party.

Employment Opportunities
Catering Prep and Drivers.                 Looking for person who has good prep skills and can work well with a team.
                                                                  Experience preferred and flexible hours for day, night and weekends.

Full-time and Part-time Servers         Experience preferred - flexible hours available for
                  day, night and weekends

Hosting                                                   Experience preferred, but not required

**Health Insurance Benefits are available for Full-time Positions**

 Resume's may be faxed to 919-493-9935 or emailed to alyssa@ricksdiner.com.

Welcome to Hope Valley and Catering
Hope Valley and Catering: 919.419.0907 - 3710 Shannon Road - Durham, NC - 27707 - www.ricksdiner.com - Email Us